About Us

Nash Insurance is a full service independent insurance agency dedicated to providing our clients with insurance solutions. Serving the Roanoke, Virginia area, we’re part of the local community and have a vested interest in our clients’ personal and business success. Whether you’re seeking to augment existing insurance, or need a full complement of coverage, we’re your one-stop solution for insurance solutions.

Clay Nash


Born and raised in Roanoke, VA, Clay graduated from Cave Spring High School and continued his studies at East Tennessee State University where he obtained his degree in business management with a concentration in legal studies. Clay has a passion in motorsport racing and various other outdoor activities.

After working for several other captive insurance groups, Clay found that the only true way to bring value to his clients was to operate his own independent insurance agency. Having upwards of 20+ carriers to his disposal means he’s able to find the exact match in coverage for his client’s need. Not only is this an advantage for an independent insurance agent, but it helps to fortify a strong client relationship.